About Alignment Health Practice Group

Meet the AHPG coaching experts and team helping you produce the highest clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction scores, and reimbursed amounts in our industry.


Founded by Active Practitioners

When seeking solutions that will take your practice to the next level, you want to listen to those who have been in your shoes and have implemented the very systems they will provide you to improve and bolster the growth of your business.

The team behind Alignment Health Practice Group are also active practitioners as part of Martin Family Chiropractic Centers.

Martin Family Chiropractic Centers has been serving patients in the East Bay for over 20 years with three office locations. Our doctors provide conservative, thorough, personalized care to thousands of children and adults. We specialize in corrective and maintenance chiropractic care and tissue regenerative therapy.

More importantly, our expertise in managing our three locations has evolved into systems that can be duplicated and utilized in other practices to massively increase their growth and revenue potential while implementing leading-edge technology for the ultimate choice in care plan treatment.

Meet Your Alignment Health Team

Dr. Martin

Dr. Curtis Martin


Dr. Curtis Martin was called to become a chiropractor when at a young age. Chiropractic prevented his father from having back surgery and ultimately saved his life. As a former athlete and expressive individual, the desire to coach was always within Dr. Martin, but was brought to the surface out of necessity.

While successfully growing and managing three of his own offices, an injury caused Dr. Martin to seek new ways of promoting chiropractic, without serving patients table-side, and Alignment Health Practice Group was born. Dr. Martin is excited to provide other doctors the tools, resources, and coaching to help them achieve their goals and live an abundant life!

Reneé Marrone


Reneé Marrone began her chiropractic journey as a teenager when her parents brought her to a chiropractor instead of a medical doctor for scoliosis. With decades of chiropractic care, Reneé avoided wearing a brace or having back surgery, and that instilled in her a curiosity about holistic healthcare options. She graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee in 2007.

She served patients  at Dr. Curtis Martin’s third office location beginning in 2011. Reneé became an expert in her Front Desk and Financial Chiropractic Assistant roles, and was later  promoted to Manager of Operations for all Martin Family Chiropractic offices. Now Reneé uses her skill set in graphic design, marketing, operations, hiring and training to support Alignment Health clients throughout their coaching journey.

Renee Kern